Amanda Chaang

Amanda works as an Astro TV host and screen personality during the day. One of the most affable class clowns you’ll ever encounter by night is Amanda. Amanda has a natural ability to put everyone in her vicinity at ease and is constantly in the mood for a snort-chuckle. She is amusing and self-deprecating. Her sense of humour, however, does not interfere with her professional demeanour.

After spending five years working for two of Malaysia’s top satellite service providers, she has graced the screen and taken on projects for McDonald’s, Adidas, and Buro 24/7. She is always rising forward.

Amanda decided to relocate to Singapore in 2018. Since then, she has hosted a variety of events, including the launches of the SWATCH new collection, the ACUVUE Define Media, the Epson Christmas Party, the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, and the Sulwahsoo Bloomstay Vitalizing Line.

She was also cast in Toggle’s play, Cheerific, which tells the tale of a rugby star player who loses his scholarship and is expelled from the school team, jeopardising his ability to attend university. The only option is to join his girlfriend’s cheerleading squad, which is the only answer to this issue.

As the host of an online series and a participant in a unique project by The Benzi Project that was recently made available on their YouTube channel, Amanda’s year 2020 is off to an exciting start.

Amanda is devoted to making her mark in the entertainment world with her no-nonsense approach, ambitious attitude, and strong adherence to her core principles.




Height: 163cm

Race: English

Language Proficiency: Chinese