Andrew enjoys cooking and writing in addition to acting on stage and in films. He is also a musician and voice actor. Andrew enjoys improv comedy and performs with the group “Improvanopolis” as a main stage company member. The character of “Joshua,” a teenager with severe autism, in Pangdemonium’s production of Falling, for which Andrew received the Straits Times Life Theatre Award for Best Actor, is what most people know him for. Additionally, Andrew is an SRT-Wolftrap teaching artist who focuses on integrating the arts into early childhood education.

Because of his size, Andrew experienced frequent bullying in his upbringing, and his main source of solace was the television. Andrew became attracted by the various dialects and vocal styles you could hear on any children’s TV programme as a result. Because of his fascination, Andrew developed the rare talent of being able to imitate any accent or voice. The human mind and the ideas of life and identity are equally fascinating to Andrew, which inspires his character acting and enables him to give each role, no matter how big or tiny, depth and richness. David Williams, Matt Lucas, and Rowan Atkinson are some of Andrew’s biggest influences. In Wild Rice’s Peter Pan in Serangoon Gardens, Andrew most recently played the role of “Ting Tong Bel,” for which he was nominated for a Straits Times Life Theatre Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Theater credits worth mentioning include Peter Pan in Serangoon Gardens (Wild Rice), Urinetown (Pangdemonium), Rubber Girl is On the Loose (Cake Theatre), Peter and the Starcatcher (Pangdemonium), Private Parts (Michael Chiang’s Playthings), Mama White Snake (Wild Rice), Every Brilliant Thing (Bhumi Collective), Electra (Cake Theatre), Falling (Pangdemonium), RENT




Height: 179cm

Race: Chinese

Language Proficiency: English, Cantonese, Malay