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Angela May, a well-known host and TV presenter, has worked in New York, Los Angeles, and France and is currently residing in Singapore.

With her continuously broadcasting programme Planet Food, Angela is a familiar face on travel and food networks throughout the world. She is frequently sought out when a customer wants brains, beauty, and an insatiable hunger for food and travel because she graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, widely regarded as the best French Culinary Academy in the world.

Working for a corporation based in France, Angela has worked hard to secure a place as one of the select Bocuse d’Or family members. She has also served as the World Pastry Cup and Bocuse d’Or official English host for seven years.

DHM has named Angela as its brand ambassador. She personifies the group’s renowned dynamic, inventive, passionate, East-meets-West character. Due to this, DHM founded Angela May Food Chapters, the first restaurant in the world to bear Angela’s name.

It is not surprising that clients and event planners favour Angela because of her expertise hosting TV shows. Her most recent events include the media launch of Shake Shack, Solaris Grand Opening, Maison de PB Store Opening, and Alcon Product Launch, to mention a few. She has hosted over 100 events in the past few years.




Height: 165cm

Race: Eurasian

Language Proficiency: English