Carla, who was born and raised in Essen, Germany, to a Romanian father and a Chinese mother, is all too aware of the necessity of adapting in a globalised society. Since she spent a large portion of her formative years moving to numerous different nations and continents, she has developed the crucial skill of adaptability.

She started her professional acting career at age 11 with the short film Gourmet Baby after moving to Singapore at the age of 8. Due to its distinct cinematic edge, it later went on to premiere at the New York Film Festivals and is still utilised as a teaching tool at LaSalle College of the Arts. She had no idea that one short video would spark off a whole avalanche of endeavours.

Carla was one of the most often hired child stars in Singapore during her period and was featured in a wide range of short films, including Autograph Book, which won Best Short Film at the 2000 Silver Screen Awards in Singapore. She received her first permanent role on the popular kids’ TV show Kids United when she was just 13 years old. Her career was only getting started, and at age 16, she landed her next starring part in the hit TV show First Mums. She had previously appeared in numerous guest roles and features on shows including BluePrint, Heartlanders, Yang Sisters, Incredible Tales, and Champs. The next year, she was given another permanent role in the immensely popular series En Bloc, showing that nothing was slowing down.

She chose to put acting on hold and focus on her studies after juggling school and filming for more than five years. She earned an honours bachelor’s degree in acting from LaSalle College of the Arts in Singapore. She received an offer for a part in The Kitchen Musical, the first Asian musical TV series, before she had even finished a month of classes. Due to its innovative idea of combining singing, dancing, acting, and eating, the series went on to win multiple accolades at festivals all over the world.

Carla’s notoriety in the Philippines increased as a result of her participation in The Kitchen Musical’s first season to the point that she was given a regular spot on the popular Filipino radio station Magic 89.9. The 2013 season launch of the popular comedy “Boeing Boeing” by Philippine Repertory Theaters was her first professional theatrical appearance in the country. Carla’s second production in the Philippines was “Grease,” a musical put on by 9 Works Theatrical in 2013. Later, she received a nomination for “Female Featured Performance in a Play” for her work in GREASE.

Carla moved home to Singapore after a productive two and a half-year stay in Manila to pursue her passion for acting and participated in the Koji Cooks series on Mediacorp Channel 5.

Additionally, she served as host of the 28th SEA GAMES and the travel programme MISSADVENTURES. She is currently HBO Central’s face. She has participated in a number of television and web series, and she presently plays a part in SeNT, HBO Asia’s first original comedy.

At the 21st Asian Television Awards, Carla won the coveted “Best Comedy Performance by an Actor/Actress Award” for her performance in Mediacorp Channel 5’s Rojak. Her triumph was also her first nomination ever amid heavyweights and veterans of the local business community.

See Carla on Mediacorp Channel 5’s KIN as Ananya, Singapore’s favourite character.




Height: 164cm

Race: Romanian / Singaporean Chinese

Language Proficiency: English, Basic: German, Mandarin, Tagalog