You are completely correct if you assume that the hawker stall owner Ah Soh on Channel 8 reminds you of the kaypoh yet nurturing Auntie Cheong on Channel 5’s Growing Up. This is due to the fact that Catherine Sng, one of Singapore’s most reputable and industrious actors, has consistently demonstrated her acting talent throughout the years.

The multifaceted Catherine, well recognised for her stage and television work, thrives on character-driven parts and novel challenges. Along with her constant performance in “Growing Upthree “‘s seasons, this talented actress astonished viewers with iconic roles in “The Unbeatables III,” “My Home is Toa Payoh,” and “School Days” on Channel 8. The bilingual actress also received praise for her performances in The Necessary Stage’s “Mixed Blessings,” SRT’s “Ah Kong’s Birthday Party,” Drama Plus’ “Belly of the Carp,” and The Necessary Stage’s “Staying Alive.” She portrays the lead in the independent short “Deanna” and steals the show in Raintree Productions’ “Chicken Rice War.”

She also starred in the High Definition Showtime TVC from Media Development Authority.

Catherine has a limitless love for the theatre. In addition, Catherine is actively involved in writing, directing, and production. In 2003, Catherine started teaching acting and theatre lessons to seniors at nearby theatres. In order to provide the elderly a new pastime, enable them to live life to the fullest, and give them a platform to experience acting and singing chances they had never had, she created The Glowers Drama Group in 2008. The youngest member is 58 and the oldest is 84; there are 35 total members and roughly 20+ active members. They conduct 25 shows annually, the most recent ones being at the 2019 George Town Festival and the 2018 World Gold Theatre Festival in Japan.

In commercials, plays, or television, Catherine is a natural fit for any character. She never backs down from a task and never fails to wow.

Catherine, who just gained recognition for her role as Hao Yi in the MediaCorp Chinese drama Your Hand In Mine, is not one to rest on her laurels. Ma Goes Home by Action Theatre, When the Bough Breaks by The Necessary Stage, a play about maternal depression commissioned by KK Hospital, and I Love A-Ai by Theatre Practice are some of the plays that inspire her to constantly push the envelope.

Most recently, Catherine has appeared with fellow FLY Artist Allan Wu in local dramas like Terror Within, In the Wind, When The Night Falls: The Story of Wang Lei, Hello Miss Driver, and Divided.




Height: 168cm

Race: Chinese

Language Proficiency: Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Hokkien