Constance Lau has a theatre diploma from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Constance worked as a radio host for local radio stations including 98.7FM and Lush 99.5FM for two and a half years while she was completing her degree, hosting shows including “Say It with Music” and “The Evening Lush.”

Constance made her big screen debut in the phenomenal Warner Brothers Studio blockbuster “Crazy Rich Asians,” directed by Jon M. Chu. She played Celine Lim, nicknamed Radio1Asia, in the movie.

Constance stole the show in head-to-toe Singaporean design during the movie’s global red carpet debut at The Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, cementing her status as the country’s own fashion princess.

The IT-girl has experience acting in TV advertisements for famous companies like Singtel and Marina Bay Sands. Constance has appeared in numerous TV ads.

On regional television, Contance also played the part of Shelley in the three-part telemovie “Love is Love; Sunrise.”

Constance enjoys exploring new things and has an adventurous, fun-loving nature. She enjoys exploring other cultures and being outside. She firmly feels that travelling broadens one’s perspective and, as a result, fosters a newfound appreciation for Singapore, where she was born and raised.

Constance’s trajectory since Crazy Rich Asians has been fast-paced; she won her first major role in Lion Mums Season 3 as Miss Grace Chiang, the strict new principal of Charleston Primary who governs with an iron hand. She was cast in 128 Circle, a multilingual drama that chronicles the lives of a group of hawkers working out of the fictitious 128 Circle Food Centre, shortly after. The play has been well received by the general audience. TiTouDau, Constance’s most recent drama, airs on Channel 5 every Tuesday at 9.30 p.m. It chronicles the turbulent and colourful life of Madam Oon Ah Chiam, a real-life wayang star.




Height: 168cm

Race: Singapore

Language Proficiency: English, Mandarin