Hanli Hoefer has had a variety of positions over the past 10 years, including model, MTV VJ, EMCEE, actress, radio host, content creator, and presently judge on the highly regarded reality TV programme Supermodel me. Yet she will always be remembered as one of Asia’s most genuine media figures—grounded, approachable, and funny—in the annals of regional celebrity.

She started her modelling career at the age of 19, and in just two years, she had racked up enough runway appearances, TV advertisements, and magazine covers to fill several portfolios. By the year 2012, she would become a household figure thanks to a stint on the venerable The MTV SHOW. She enthrals audiences as an EMCEE by utilising her engaging personality and superb communication abilities. She can perform in front of 30,000 people or just a handful because of her wit, talent, and ability to seem credible. This relatability carried over to radio, a medium in which good looks are less important for success—not that it mattered. A two-year run of Hanging Out With Hanli at POWER98FM cemented her reputation as a multifaceted performer who could accomplish everything she set her mind to.

She reveals yet another aspect of herself as an actress, not the typical cheery host we typically see on film. She is able to fully express her emotions via the process and give life to characters for some of the most popular TV drama programmes in the area. She co-hosts the podcast Just So Were Clear at the moment. Many of Hanli’s causes, including mental wellness, the environment, female empowerment, gender equality, sexual health, financial literacy, sustainable beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, are explored on this podcast with open minds, honesty, and a dash of fun. There is no such thing as a contentious subject or an awkward chat. Hanli is such a force of nature because of her courage to put herself out there.

She is leading a new wave of influencers who gauge success via effect rather than clicks, and she shows no signs of stopping down. one who approaches life with awareness, integrity, and a spirit of exploration.

Hanli is introducing her own sustainable brand and more eco-focused travel articles in 2022. She will concentrate on issues related to mental health on a more intimate level.




Height: 173cm

Race: Eurasian

Language Proficiency: English