Liv Lo is well-known for her endearing personality and charm. She has Italian and Taiwanese ancestry and will frequently take you off guard with her American accent despite speaking Mandarin and Japanese fluently. Her diverse origin has allowed her to travel, study, and work all around the world before settling in Singapore.

At the age of 17, Liv entered the entertainment business in her native nation through modelling. She relocated to Tokyo with the goal of expanding her horizons in order to complete her undergraduate studies in mass communications at Temple University Japan and advance her modelling career. She established herself as a well-known figure in Japan by frequently appearing in publications like as magazines, catalogues, and runway shows. She also produced a DVD and magazine called “Model of the Month” that sold out, and she had a year-long billboard at the busy Harajuku crossing.

She took the decision to move to Singapore in 2012 with her future husband Henry Golding after working in the fashion industry for 8 years. She gave up modelling to focus on hosting and television. Her breakthrough performance as inspector Sophie Thomas in the top-rated drama series “Point of Entry 4” on Mediacorp Channel 5 established her as a TV personality, and she now hosts both regionally and online.

She has worked on projects for Xing Kong and Channel V’s “In Style” (Mandarin), Fox Sports Asia’s “Diet Myth Busters,” Star World Asia’s “Style Setter,” and “Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3,” as well as Fit for Fashion S2 on All Access by Zalora and Fox Movies Premium’s press junkets for Captain America Civil War, Star Wars Rogue One, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

She has two certifications in yoga, in addition to her work in television, and she offers her fitness routines on her YouTube channel, on social media, and at large yoga events. In March 2016, PurelyB purchased her yoga portal “Stretch City,” making it the region’s top wellness website. She is currently pushing boundaries and expanding the health and wellness sector as a Reebok Brand Ambassador.

Liv began a petition to ban single-use plastics in Singapore as a climate change activist, and it has since gathered more than 72,000 signatures. She received invitations to join WWF Singapore as a Panda Ambassador and National Geographic Asia as a #PlanetorPlastic Travel Ambassador in 2019 in recognition of her efforts to advocate against plastic use and to effect change in the region.

With the introduction of in 2018, Liv introduced her own unique kind of exercise programme fusing yoga with HIIT, providing seasoned yoga practitioners with a challenging workout. She introduced FitSphere 2.0 in 2019, expanding the workout by incorporating weights. Liv is undoubtedly a living proof that you are your own toughest rival.




Height: 174cm

Race: Taiwanese-Italian

Language Proficiency: English, Mandarin, Japanese