as a theatre studies student at LaSalle School of Arts, professional training.

After graduating, she played Susan, a woman who lost her mind after she learned that her husband had been killed and witnessed his skull being carried around, in MediaCorp Ch 5’s A War Diary. She received her first significant supporting role in the renowned television series Growing Up in 2001. (finale season). She subsequently went on to play Sharon, a cool motorcycle girl who is raped, in the well-known series Heartlanders I, which attracted both producers and viewers’ attention right away.

“I was riding on an emotional roller coaster. Fun was had.

Tracy has now landed a variety of parts thanks to the success of Heartlanders, including two main roles in Yang Sisters and My Sassy Neighbor. She appeared in Yang sisters for two seasons in the role of Cheng Pei Pei, the renowned Hong Kong actress.

Tracy Tan is taking on more drama in MediaCorp Ch5’s hit series Red Thread as Pamela Pereira, a career girl who is “hopeless when it comes to love,” after previously appearing in the sitcom Calefare and the drama Sense of Home.

Tracy plays Lydia, the protagonist’s girlfriend in The Other, a horror television movie that won best telemovie of the year at the Asian Television Awards in 2008. Lydia slowly solves a mystery with the police.

Tracy makes her acting debut in Kelvin Tong’s surrealistic romance feature Love Story, which won Best Director at the Singapore International Film Festival in 2006. Tracy transitions from television to film. After that, Tracy gets the coveted Dyllan role in The Leap Years, sharing the screen with award-winning actress Joan Chen (2008).

Additionally, Tracy starred in the Channel 8 blockbuster drama New Beginnings as a student who was mistaken for a supermodel. She began to overindulge in worldly possessions, which turned her life into a nightmare. Tracy’s persona is all on failing and getting back up.

Tracy’s most recent appearances were as Sally in the Okto telemovie Million Dollar Job 2 and Rachel in the Channel 5 documentary Journey With Me.

Unbeknownst to many, Tracy loves video games a lot! She loves playing PC real-time strategy games like World of Warcraft, Warcraft, and many others.




Height: 165cm

Race: Chinese

Language Proficiency: English, Mandarin