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Belly Dance Costumes from Other Cultures

If belly dancers are known in the Arabic language, Arabic belly dancers are also called belly dancers. Belly dancers are well-known for their sensuous and sensual body movements. They use a variety of dance moves, usually the fast paced rapid belly dancing which leaves many spectators awed and breathless. However, belly dancers from other countries like Egypt, Spain, India, Norway and Germany are just as sensuous and exotic dancers.

The word belly dancers in Arabic is “lebanon” which translates to “one who dances”. Belly dancing is an art form originating in Egypt. It has been practiced by the ancient Greeks and the Romans for over four thousand years. In ancient times the belly dancers performed all types of dances, most notably classical Greek and Roman dances. belly dancers in the Arabic language are known as belly dancers for weddings and social gatherings.

The earliest evidence that belly dancers existed in ancient times can be found from Egyptian tomb paintings. During the 20th century, there was a modern revival of belly dancing in the Arab world. An example of this is the Barcelona belly dancers. In the 1970’s the number of belly dancers from Egypt began to grow. The increasing popularity of belly dancing in Arab countries led to the establishment of a number of belly dancing studios and clubs. Some of these clubs opened in Arab nations like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and UAE.

belly dancers from the United States have also created a stir in the middle eastern community. A number of belly dancers have become famous in the middle eastern community. An example of this is belly dance for weddings in Singapore. The trend of belly dance in the middle eastern community has grown in popularity over the last ten years.

Belly dancing has gained popularity worldwide due to its unique dance technique and exciting costumes. The Egyptian style belly dancer costume for belly dancers is one of the most popular costumes used by belly dancers. The costume consists of a head scarf, belly bra which are tied around the belly with colorful belly ropes, and long-legged pants with a tight belt around the waist. For many belly dancers the look is finished off with a long flowing skirt.

Although belly dancers in the past were associated with traditional clothing, they have come a long way in recent years. Modern belly dancers wear trendy costumes to fit their style. For example, belly dancers in Egypt may use traditional djellaba pants instead of contemporary skinny jeans. For belly dancers who prefer to perform without a costume, belly dancing costumes include long sleeve tops and bottoms with built in belly belts.