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Hire Dinner and Dance Event Planning in Singapore

Hire Dinner and Dance Event Planning in Singapore
Dinner and Dance Event Planning
D & D Event

Light Up the Night: Dinner and Dance Extravaganza with Bella Entertainment!

Let Bella Entertainment, Singapore’s premier soirée maestro, orchestrate an unforgettable night of gourmet feasting and rhythmic revelry with our bespoke dinner and dance event packages.


A Culinary Tapestry Awaits:

Culinary Creations: Impress your guests at your D & D event with a symphony of flavors. Choose from curated menus boasting international delights, delectable Asian fusion, or themed feasts like a vibrant “Masala Nights” or a sophisticated “Tuscan Twilight.” We cater to all dietary preferences with flair, ensuring everyone at your dinner and dance event indulges in gastronomic bliss.

Live Culinary Stations: Add a touch of theatrical magic with live cooking stations for your D & D event. Witness artful sushi chefs slice and dice, fiery Indian tandoor ovens emanate tantalizing aromas, or watch expert mixologists craft dazzling cocktails.

Ambiance to Elevate: Transform your chosen venue of dinner and dance event into a visual feast. From elegant floral arrangements and shimmering drapes to thematic décor and mood lighting, we set the stage for a truly immersive experience.


Unleash the Inner Groove:

Musical Enchantment: Whether you yearn for the classics of a live band, the infectious beats of a DJ, or the pulse-pumping energy of a Latin ensemble, Bella Entertainment curates the perfect soundtrack to your dinner and dance event. Let the music ignite your dance floor and create lasting memories.

Themed Entertainment: Elevate your D&D event with immersive performances. Dazzling belly dancers twirling under moonlight, a captivating flamenco troupe painting the scene with passionate footwork, or a vibrant Brazilian Carnival show complete with costumed dancers and pulsating samba rhythms – the possibilities are endless.

Interactive Fun: Let loose and connect with our interactive dance sessions. Learn salsa steps under the stars, master the tango’s passionate embrace, or groove to a Bollywood flash mob – we’ll get everyone moving and laughing.


Beyond the Ordinary:

Seamless Planning: From venue sourcing and vendor coordination to entertainment bookings and logistics, Bella Entertainment takes care of everything for your D&D event. Sit back and savor the anticipation as we orchestrate a flawless night.

Personalized Touches: Every detail reflects your vision. We customize menus, décor, and entertainment to align with your theme, guest preferences, and budget. Make it your own, from a whimsical “Garden Gala” to a high-octane “Gatsby’s Soirée.”

Unforgettable Moments: Capture the magic with professional photography and videography. Let us freeze time on precious laughter, elegant twirls, and the joy of connection, creating a lasting visual memento of your special dinner and dance event.


With Bella Entertainment, your dinner and dance event transcends the ordinary. It’s a curated symphony of gourmet indulgence, captivating entertainment, and seamless execution. Elevate your next celebration, spark connections, and let the rhythm guide you to an unforgettable night under the Singapore sky.


So, contact Bella Entertainment today and let us orchestrate the magic! With our passion for detail, experience, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we’ll turn your vision into a glittering reality.